Rest In Peace, Sir Bobby

1984 Milk Cup Final

I only 'met' Sir Bobby Charlton on one occasion and that was in the car park at Wembley after the 1984 Milk Cup Final between Everton and Liverpool, the first major Final between the two Merseyside clubs.

My relatives - I can't remember the exact number but it was certainly in double figures - are a mix of red and blue and they had all travelled down from Liverpool in a white transit van and stayed in my rented flat in Tooting Bec the night before Sunday's big game.

I recall the weather on the day itself as being very wet and though I've seen reports of the game being drab, in my mind it was an exciting contest in which the Blues gave as good as they got. It finished 0-0 and afterwards as we made our way back to the van who should be parked nearby but the legend himself.

Bobby Charlton, Manchester United

As he passed us, my Uncle Colin asked him 'what did you think of that game, Bobby?' and he replied 'it was a cracker' or words to that effect. It's not much of a tale and that was my one and only interaction with the great man but it was still a thrill to be so close to a living legend.

We all know what a fantastic player he was and from all the stories told about him he was just as good a person. Rest in peace, Sir Bobby...

For the record, the replay of the Final took place three days later at Maine Road and Liverpool won it 1-0 thanks to a goal from Graeme Souness.

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