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We've all got one. A game changer. A match which means so much to you it stays with you for the rest of your life. For me, that was the 1966 FA Cup Final when I was aged just seven.

We'd just moved to a brand new housing estate in Huyton, near Liverpool, living just a few streets away from the legendary Peter Reid though I didn't know it then. The family were clustered around the black-and-white TV but after 57 minutes Everton went 2-0 down to Sheffield Wednesday so me and my 6-year-old brother decided to go and play football instead.

We'd only been outside a few minutes when our friend Chris shouted for us to come and watch the match as it was now 2-2 so we ran into his house as fast as we could. While they went into the kitchen where Chris's mum was making a cake for his birthday the next day, a long ball squirmed under Wednesday defender Gerry Young's foot leaving Derek Temple with a clear path to goal and only the 'keeper Peter Springett to beat.

As Temple advanced towards the penalty area, I shouted into the kitchen 'He's going to score' as he hit the ball as sweet as a nut into the far corner of the net! The memory of that moment still sends shivers down my spine over 50 years later. Football can do that.

So, this is my #GameChanger, but what's yours? It may not have been a full game, but a goal or a save which left you thinking 'this is my club'. Let me know and I'll recreate the game for you in the unique Retrotext style and the senders of those we publish on the site will be entered in a free monthly draw to win the T-shirt of your choice!

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